Located some 500kms from Adelaide, the Eyre Peninsula is home to Algarythm Pty Ltd’s main office and algae based biofuel pilot plant. The town of Darke Peak is an agricultural based community, primarily producing cereal grains and livestock. Darke Peak boasts over an average of 300+ days of sunlight and a hot and dry temperature ideal for culturing algae.

Algarythm Pty Ltd is a primary producer in its own right, focusing on the production and commercial development of products derived from algae biomass. The dry powder or ‘concentrate’ produced on the 1 hectare pilot plant will be distributed for refining into energy production (biofuel and biodiesel,) health products, as well as cosmetic applications.

Local farming industry will be Algarythm Pty Ltd’s main focus for the use of the biodiesel products, as surrounding districts boast vast amounts of farmers, with each farmer using over 40,000L p/annum of diesel alone.

The development of the company’s preliminary initiatives will be supported by Dr. Stephen Clarke. Their academic and laboratory support will be focused on the development of Algarythm Pty Ltd’s product range and technologies. The collaboration has already seen a solid and successful foundation.

The fundamental belief of Algarythm Pty Ltd revolves around sustainable technology and methodologies that can still meet commercial specifications. Turning degraded land and unusable saline water supplies into a profitable product will ensure the company’s longevity in the industry. This way of thinking is applied to all solutions or technologies that Algarythm Pty Ltd offers across the mining, waste water and aquaculture industries.

Algarythm Pty Ltd is committed to producing a turn-key solution for algae based biofuel production suitable to the agriculture, mining, waste water and aquaculture industries to ensure that any waste produced from the processes involved can be utilised and turned into a revenue stream for any company with a resource based process.


Who uses our products?

Algarythm Pty Ltd’s product range will initially be targeted at the industrial industries and local agricultural industries. Our products will be prepared to a standard where we can also target the mainstream commercial industry. We are undertaking research and development in order to identify the specifications of the products we can offer and who are products will be best suited to.

Food fish products, salts and algae biomass are commodities that will be readily available once production commences at the Darke Peak biofuels site. Our products will fit into an already developed market, namely the food fish and salt products are well known, are in high demand and have been indentified in commercial markets already. The algae biomass, once developed will also be targeted at most industries burning diesel as a part of the operational processes.